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Touted by developers in the United Arab Emirates as “the world’s highest restaurant”, the At.mosphere lounge began seating guests on Sunday on the 122nd floor of the world’s tallest building, the 828-metre Burj Khalifa.

Even as the site was being excavated more than five years ago, during the halcyon days of the Dubai miracle, the Emirates construction business was disillusioning. Dogged by human and civil rights violations, the Pakistani, Bengali, Indian, and Chinese workers who poured the reinforced concrete, put in place the support beams, and manned the high cranes that still dominate the Dubai skyline were often subjected to unhygienic, overcrowded living quarters, unsafe working conditions, and withheld wages.

Emirates Dubai World Tallest Building

The entire journey – starting from the welcome lobby at The Dubai Mall through a 65-metre travelator to the vertical travel in a double-deck elevator to finally watching the world uninterrupted from Level 124…a ten-part journey, ‘At The Top’ starts at The Dubai Mall, where visitors can buy tickets at a welcome area featuring abstract, monumental fields of LED displays, reflecting the original three-core design inspiration of Burj Dubai.

Travelling at a speed of 10 metres per second, the journey to Level 124 will take approximately 60 seconds. When the doors slide open, guests will be welcomed with floor-to-ceiling glass providing unobstructed 360 degree views. Visitors can also adventure outside onto the open-air deck to peer into the distance or down to the streets below.


Coinciding with the launch of the Dubai Metro, the five star Address Dubai Mall Hotel has now opened for business.

The luxury hotel features 244 elegant guestrooms and suites, all offering views of Downtown Burj Dubai.

A selection of international cuisine is available at the hotel’s five contemporary restaurants and lounges. Highlights include Arabic specialty outlet, NA3NA3, the trendy Amatista lounge offering a blend of Arabian and modern decor; the poolside restaurant Cabana offering cocktails and upbeat music; and Karat, the lobby lounge. Ember, the hotel’s signature outlet is soon to open.

With many dreams already realized or taking final shape, architects are also envisioning next-gen green structures that will not only make Dubai a loved tourist destination, but will also make it a leading example in green design. Here is a list of 15 such ecofriendly structures envisioned for Dubai:

More shots from the cataclysmic opening of the Palm Jumeirah.

Here is the amazing opening of Dubai’s Palm Jumeriah hotel, not to be confused with the 1945 Allied bombing of Dresden.

A brief clip from a Discovery show that has a lot of good shots of the work going on in the city.

Each floor of the Dynamic Tower rotates independently to create a building that constantly changes its shape and appearance, resulting in a unique and ever evolving architectural landmark.

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