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Here is the amazing opening of Dubai’s Palm Jumeriah hotel, not to be confused with the 1945 Allied bombing of Dresden.

While almost everything in the media now is heralding Dubai’s economic downfall, maybe that means its luxury hotels like the Atlantis will opp for recession deals. That room in the arch between the two sections of the building is still going for $25,000 a night, but perhaps its dorm-room days are coming soon. For now here’s a nice introduction to this icon of opulence.

It’s expected that the Palm Jumeirah will one day support 30 hotels, several marinas and shopping centers and tens of thousands of residents. Two things about the Atlantis are immediately obvious as you drive up the “trunk” of the palm. The hotel is huge and very, very pink. It’s just like its sister hotel in the Bahamas, Atlantis, Paradise Island, both of which are owned by South African property magnate Sol Kerzner.

You’ve heard of the Burj Al Arab, and the Atlantis, but what about the Dubai Holiday Inn? As times get tough perhaps the era of comfortable budget travel in the UAE has finally arrived.

Dubai has proudly touted its image as a travel hotspot that caters primarily to wealthy jet-setters from across the world. However, the emirate is beginning to realize that in order to attract more tourists it needs to diversify its offerings to appeal to a wider scope of travellers, especially in light of the financial downturn.