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Some good financial analysis on the shifting economic power arrangements of the UAE since the devastating crash of last year:

Abu Dhabi has pumped $15 billion into Dubai since last year, providing proof of the strength of the federation but also evidence of a power shift within the union. The Dubai Financial Market may have lost 25% of its value since November and Dubai World has yet to agree to a deal with banks on its remaining $22 billion debt pile, but the principles of the union have passed a stern test. However, the outcome is likely to be that Abu Dhabi takes a more dominant role in the U.A.E. while Dubai takes a back seat. While Dubai has sold assets overseas to help pay its bills, Abu Dhabi has continued to invest by building stakes in household names like Daimler and Barclays.

Here is an interesting piece from the Guardian on the recent announcement of Abu Dhabi’s ambitious goals for a greener emirate.

Abu Dhabi announced at a summit of world leaders on renewable energy yesterday that it would become the first petro-driven economy to make a significant commitment to renewables – and it is partly thanks to Prince Charles. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, crown prince of Abu Dhabi, has decreed that 7% of power will come from green energy sources by 2020.

Thanks Prince Charles.

But now Dubai’s debt-driven splurge on flashy hotels and residential properties is not looking as stable as Abu Dhabi’s more stealthy oil-driven expansion, especially as a bursting of the property bubble and a crunch on credit are hurting financial activity in Dubai.