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With many dreams already realized or taking final shape, architects are also envisioning next-gen green structures that will not only make Dubai a loved tourist destination, but will also make it a leading example in green design. Here is a list of 15 such ecofriendly structures envisioned for Dubai:

Here is an interesting piece from the Guardian on the recent announcement of Abu Dhabi’s ambitious goals for a greener emirate.

Abu Dhabi announced at a summit of world leaders on renewable energy yesterday that it would become the first petro-driven economy to make a significant commitment to renewables – and it is partly thanks to Prince Charles. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, crown prince of Abu Dhabi, has decreed that 7% of power will come from green energy sources by 2020.

Thanks Prince Charles.

But now the enormous real estate bubble of the sheikhs, oligarchs and neo-capitalist financiers has burst. The international economic crisis has caught up with the nouveau-riche high flyers in the Middle East and Asia who, until recently, had gloatingly watched the collapse of the West, where one skyscraper project after the next has been abandoned. But now the brakes are also being put on one construction project after another in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Russia.


Perhaps the deceleration brought on by the financial crisis will trigger a change in attitudes. Perhaps the energy-saving factor will be the strongest selling point in the future, and perhaps a new aesthetic of environmentally friendly simplicity will develop as a result. Or maybe not.

for example…

Certainly there is some projects to look forward to. There is Dubai’s Xeritown, “a novel example of man and nature working in harmony, an entire town is to be built along a north-south axis to take advantage of cool breezes blowing in off the sea.”