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“Holding hands in public, dancing, kissing, nudity and playing loud music in public are now considered inappropriate behaviour in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.”,22049,25191521-5012895,00.html

In a case that generated tabloid headlines and became the focus of a clash between Western permissiveness and Islamic values, a Dubai court Thursday found a British couple guilty of unmarried sex and sentenced them to three months in prison.,0,1904186.story

‘Oh yes, it looks good, doesn’t it? But we’ve all made a pact with the devil to be here. You get the tax-free salary, but in return you have to give up all your rights. There’s no accountability, no transparency, no rule of law. There’s no legislative body. Very few employment rights. It looks like a modern country, but it takes more than a few skyscrapers to create one of those. Scratch the surface and it’s a different story. And if you’re a silly young girlie who gets into trouble, then forget it.’