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Here’s a little editorial about the delayed opening of the Burj Dubai, and the upcoming metro system launch. Not much new information, but a lot of cool photos.

Construction on the Burj Dubai, the 206-story luxury residential and office tower–space will supposedly go for $3,500/square foot and up–is running behind schedule, and will not be complete by September. So the metro–which features a “Gold class” section for “VIPs”–will debut alone and therefor won’t get anywhere close to as much media attention.

The city of Dubai is now in the final stages of opening the first line of its metro system, scheduled for September 9, 2009. It is to be the world’s largest full automated subway, and the first subway of any kind in the region.

“The Metro is expected to change life in Dubai as it will not only provide easy public transport but will also help reduce traffic, improve environment and attract tourists,” said Abdul Majeed Al Khaja, chief executive officer of the Rail Agency of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), which is carrying out the project.

Some 3,200 people are being trained to ensure the smooth operation of the Metro. UK-based company Serco has been tasked with operating the Metro for the first 10 years. Serco is currently providing training to employees – including UAE nationals – as it gears up for the launch of the Red Line.

The Dubai Metro (In Arabic: مترو دبي) is a driverless, fully automated metro network which is under construction in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai. The Red and Green Lines are under construction, and further lines are planned. These first two lines will run underground in the city centre and on elevated viaducts elsewhere.[1] The Dubai Metro will be the longest fully automated rail system in the world when it opens in 2009.